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"Your coaching helped to propel me out of an accounting job, which does NOT align with who I am, into the Founder and CEO of my own company! You are a God send! Thanks for helping me co-create my reality."

- current client

"I loved Happiness Hotwire! I have to say I wish it went on longer! I looked forward to the daily notes, audio or video. Exploring and accepting my strengths, looking at new possibilities and opportunities for myself was just what I needed to get myself out of the funk I had been in for too long.  I have moved on to personal coaching with Deana but I am hoping she will develop Happiness Hotwire 2.0!"  
- Kelly

"I have taken your recommendations & started implementing them in my life. I am definitely going to continue to follow you to continue progressing towards a calmer life. Happy is a great place to be!"
- JJR 

"I feel truly blessed to have found you! I enjoyed Happiness Hotwire AND still love the weekly tips! The affirming messages that you send are so so beneficial to my overall sense of wellness! In addition, many of the tips that you've shared are things that I've either incorporated into my life or will in the near future and they are of immense value!"
-  J. Mai

"I've been known to be the bitter, grumpy mom and wife ALOT over the past couple of years - snapping away at the littlest things. BUT you have helped me to be a more fun & life lovin' mama! I have - for what seems like the FIRST time (in her 12 years) - TRULY bonded with my daughter (who always latched more to daddy because he was the fun and understanding one).  I've realized we both have more fun together when I do life WITH HER instead of "laying life out FOR her"...for that, I WILL FOREVER be grateful! I've learned to start looking and searching for the "happy stuff" with my children and husband. I must admit, I'm kind of diggin' being around me now (LOL)! Thank you Deana! Your fun, happy spirit has rubbed off on me!! You have no clue how delightful it is to come home to a lighter, more vibrant family and a home that is truly MY HAVEN now! I'm sure my husband and children would probably kiss your feet if given the chance to show their gratitude...Eh,maybe not so much in the literal sense, but you get what I'm saying! Love to you!!"
- joyful anonymous reader

"The tips and information I receive weekly through emails and the web site are wonderful!"
- Brittanee

"I attended one of Deana's classes (a Christmas present to myself) and it was the most stress-free holiday! But year round I use so many of her life simplifying ideas. Now I place calendar items and bills due in one place and make an appointment on my calendar to get it done. This has worked like a charm! No more running around looking for this and that. Thanks Deana!"
- Kate

"The guided meditations have been extremely helpful. As a wife, mother of three, and working woman, I need the calm they bring. Deana's voice relaxes me and takes the anxiety away. I look forward to her Thursday emails. They brighten my day!" 
- Peri

"I read the "Oh Sh*t Kit" and right away connected with your suggestion to transform one space from chaos to calm. I have been intending to clean off my desk for months and it never gets done. I immediately went and took everything off, threw out what needed to be thrown out, put everything in a bag (to deal with after Christmas) and sat back and admired my clean space with just my laptop. Thank you!"
- Erica

"Deana, I have used your ideas in my home and work - organizing cupboards and spaces. Loved the morning routine video. Now I have one and my life runs a lot smoother. Thanks for all your sharing!"
- Linda

"Deana's gentle, but persistent urging to simplify my life has helped me in my business and personal life. Thanks Deana!"
- Sarah

"One of the tips I have been using is journaling. I've felt like "getting it all out", even on paper, takes some of the stress out of my mind. I feel less cluttered and now have the ability to look at a situation and create plan to deal with it!"
- Monique 

"I absolutely love receiving the weekly tips! Deana has really helped me grow my business, organize my life and stay sane at the same time!"
- Melanie

"I was fortunate enough to participate in Deana's Happiness Hotwire program, which really helped me get perspective on how to communicate with my husband and family in a way that promotes peace and not conflict. I still love receiving Deana's weekly e-mails in my inbox and I love that they are about ways to not only let go of your stuff, but help you let go of your mental clutter as well. She's such a positive force -- I really look forward to reading her tips every week!"
- Happiness Hotwire student

"When I opened your email this morning, I thought I was reading my autobiography...I punched my attitude in the gut and got a good sweat going, accomplishing a week's worth of crap in 30 minutes...THANK YOU for the Swift Kick! Can't say that enough."
- Amy

"Your wonderful tips have made my life so much easier. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!"
- Mary Kopco

"Great weekly tips and WONDERFUL online classes that accommodate everyone's busy life. Thanks!"       
- Cathy Schapmann

"I have a whole new reason to look forward to Thursdays now:) Love the videos and ideas!"
- Stephanie Wolff

"Thanks so much for putting class one online! I just started listening today and I feel like maybe I can actually tackle the clutter in my house!" 
- Sara White

"After taking one of your sessions I finally made myself tackle the clothes closets. I took 5 stuffed garbage-sized bags to Cause for Paws and I will never miss the stuff. Hah!"
- Jeanne Kern

"Thanks again, Deana! I can't even express how much you've transformed my brain and space!"
- Amy Uskoski